10 Days to go!

It’s getting hard. But the finishing line is in sight. I’ve blasted one weight target… but it’s a bit like hitting the half way point in a Marathon! There’s still a while to go to get to my ideal target weight. But after June 25th I can take it a bit easier on myself in terms of diet. But then, for me the difficult part is going to be getting the regular exercise. Here’s the plan:-

The 5:2 Diet. Lets keep that body what it’s started doing! (getting rid of that fat around the organs) http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/what-52-diet

Also a big cut in carbs (although not intending to go completely carb free!

So Tuesdays and Thursdays become my “fasting” days. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. (although they can move if there’s an event… or meals out with friends… as long as there’s at least 1 day between fasting days) I need to bring in some exercise and the obvious thing to start with is some swimming. I need to dig out my waterproof MP3 player and load some talking books or some new motivating music!

Then I need to get my HbA1c readings checked.

I was on blood pressure medication and had a horrible cough for months (Dr. Useless at my clinic told me it couldn’t be the medication, and sent be for a totally useless and totally CLEAR chest x-ray) . My blood pressure readings are now looking good… and have been good for a while…. I’m off the medication… and my cough has gone.





Day 37

Day 37. Just 3 weeks to go! I have a target weight to go for but it will be sensible food choices and excercise rather than this dreadful 600 calories a day.

I did have a bit of a wobble at the weekend. Alex, my 2 and a half year old and I went camping in Cumbria. Alex had a great time playing with some old friends… and making some new friends.

At the campsite there are open fires, BBQ areas, the smells of delicious grilling meat. Friends had a lovely BBQ by a camp fire (while I sucked on low calorie soups).

On the last night I was freezing in the tent. Alex was fine. I was so cold I was shivering. Even though I was wrapped up. I just couldn’t get warm. I grabbed the first thing I could find to eat which was some white bread and butter. It tasted SO good. But took my calorie intake up quite a bit. I will pay for it!

Sunday back on to it.

Weigh in on Sunday morning… Lost 15.1kg since May 1st (a little over 2 stone).. Need to lose another 15kg so I can fit back in my prom dress. That’s my long term Christmas goal. But let’s see what I can do in the next 19 days!

Read the instructions!

Half way and still a way to go…

Past the half way stage. And the weekend was probaby the hardest so far. Why? Because I was exposed to food, free food, sample food, delicious looking food… which I mostly had to refuse. Mostly because I had the odd taster here and there.

We were at the Northumberland County Show as a family and had VIP tickets from Northumberland County Show who we’d written the radio commercial for.

Food tents, fast food trailers, samosas, bbqs, frozen yoghurt… the free lunch and afternoon tea in the VIP lounge… a hog roast…. it was all just… just…. so much temptation.

I managed to be good, but I am hoping I’m in the home straight and will stay good for the next, well 26 days.

After the dramatic weight fall off in the first couple of weeks, it’s now much more of a struggle!

But NEXT YEAR I hope to go back to the Show, and enjoy some samples, guilt free!

A Vintage Tractor at The Northumberland Show – Because we like tractors.


Day 26 – And a mug of Beefy Bovril

I have a bit of new kit. It’s a blood sugar tester. About 10 days ago I came off both the metformin and my blood pressure medication (something a Doctor in Nairobi said I would never be able to do) this morning my blood pressure was 127/70 (133/77 the day before). My blood sugars were 5.8 mmol/L . In otherwords… off the medication and I’ve reversed the diabetes and reduced my blood pressure….and am off the medication! Did I mention that? I am glad to be off the drugs… and only half way through the 8 weeks. I am no longer Type 2 diabetic.

I still need to drive on and complete the 8 weeks, but seeing the results was a great motivator. I’ve found some low calorie options that allow me to have the odd treat… like fish and chips at the weekend. But hold on! Just a small 100g slice of my wife’s chips and 4 chips. I can tell you that every mouthful was savoured AND delicious. A lesson learned is this fasting can really make you appreciate food… and I need to carry that on when I go back to a more “normal” diet.


Oh and I’ve rediscovered the taste of Bovril tea  last night. A 20 calorie treat, but have to watch the salt content. Still, it makes a change from cabbage!

Day 11 – Little Pleasures

Last night I had a KFC.After 10 days on the diet it just tasted amazing. I was able to eat it slowly and savour every moment. Don’t worry! I haven’t broken the diet! I had the original recipy salad box, but it meant having a lower calorie breakfast and lunch to “afford” the 350 calorie meal. It was like an angel dancing on my tongue. I hope that one thing I take away from this experience is being able to savour and enjoy my food more. I also need to make sure I don’t return to bigger portions.

Something else learned over the last couple of days. Cucumber skin is not easily digested.

Day 10.

Day 10. And 1/7 of the way there! I’ve started really concentrating on the kcal content of food now. So waiting to pay for some fuel yesterday I picked up a healthy looking yoghurt coated bar. Would it make a nice mid morning snack? Yes. But it would be my entire calorie allowance for the whole DAY!! So back to my 78 cal bag of “skinny” popcorn.

I appear to have lost some weight in the last 5 days and the trousers are starting to feel a big baggier. A couple of tshirts I wear are feeling a bit less snug”. I know people are concerned about the severity of the diet… it’s only for 8 weeks and I am making sure that 1. I take vitamin and mineral suppliments and 2. That I’m drinking plenty of water. Also the aim of the diet ISN’T weight loss. Well it IS, but it’s not just to be slimmer.. it’s to lose the fat that’s preventing my insulin from working properly. The aim is complete reversal of Type II diabetes. This diesease IS reversable and the latest research is supporting the “Newcastle Diet” (Google it!). I will be happy to be lighter and hopefully fitter… but this isn’t motivate by skinny models on magazine covers. They are not really my role models!

Lesson learned: Aldi sugar free sweets have an unfortunate side affect!

Short Tempered and Irritable – Day 5

At the best of times I know I am not easy to live with. Kez should be beatified. I will write to the Pope. But the last few days can’t have been easy on her. I think my body and mind are adjusting now… but for 2 or three days it seemed like every electronic toy that Alex played with cause me an urge to smash the toys with a lump hammer. Now that irritation is passing and the food cravings are getting less and less… and it FEELS (even after only 5 days) that something is working.Yesterdays lunch of Cucumber and Balsamic Vinegar was so good! Cabbage is a tasty dish for dinner. (Still looking forward to cod and chips (even if it’s just a half portion) in Seahouses in July.

Day 4

The last time I got weighed at the doctors I was 113kg. Not the heaviest I’ve been but still well over weight.Apparently I should be about 80kg.Not sure how much I will lose over the 8 weeks but we’ll see. I will only post the weights taken at the Doctors. Yes I am doing this under medical supervision albeit at a surgery that hadn’t heard of the “Newcastle Diet”

Breakfast (40g Oats made with water, and 5g of raisins) 165 Cals plus vitamin and mineral tablet

Snacks Low fat popcorn and sugar free jelly 85 calories

Lunch Cucumber with balsamic vinegar (no oil) 74 Calories.

Expect to have another SF Jelly mid afternoon… another 7 calories.

Balance available for Dinner… 269 Calories Woo Hoo!

A Cucumber. 400g is about 60 Calories. Don’t you know!

Half Way Through Day 3

Well, now that we’ve worked out that Kcal is the same as a Calorie… things are looking a bit simpler…not EASIER, but at least you can read packaging a bit better. Pretty disgusted in the way that companies confuse the actual calories by putting a “per serving” value. Like a ready meal may say in bold “200 calories” and then say “per 100g serving” in small letters… on a 400g pack.

Anyway. Day 1 was a struggle. Headache most of the say. But since I’ve cut out coffee that could just be caffeine withdrawls.Like the fact that I can manage a teaspoon of olive oil. (just frying or roasting some greens will make them more palatable…. and stay within the calorie count. I am aiming at the 600… but there’s a small amount of headroom available.

Day 2 not so bad. At least it was a Bank Holiday which gave me the opportunity to mope miserably around the house. Kez made a lovely smelling mince meat which was wafted under my nose (not deliberately, she’s not THAT cruel!) Even Alex (my 2 and a half year old son) tried to feed me a TUC biscuit and some milk from his sippy cup. 🙂

Day 3 Work was OK. It takes the mind off that craving for food… except when the chocolate and sandwich van comes around… or a colleague brings a McDs back to the office. I must say I am now looking forward to dinner! Courgettes, cabbage and a bit of soy sauce!

8 Weeks

Apparently if you lose about a third of your body weight, you can reverse Type II diabetes.

It looks so simple doesn’t it! Google “The Newcastle Diet” and you’ll see how effective it can be. But it doesn’t work for everyone.

As I sit here at a desk I have a drawer next to me with a couple of Wispa bars, two packets of crisps and a bag of jelly babies. (HAD a bag of jelly babies… just finished them)

On May the 1st I will be embarking on a 600-800 calorie a day diet. Faced with medication for LIFE, I thought I would give it a go. Also a motivation to see my son grow up!

Now if you KNOW me you know this will be a battle. I love food. Good food, fried food, fast food, slow cooked food. Heaven is a pate and Monster Munch Sandwich. My wife is a great cook and the best Fish and Chips in the world are served in the North East of England.

Deep breath! Here we go! Errr wait a minute. Not YET!

OK… I start in 4 days. Why 4 days? 1. Poker Night on Friday with Chinese take-away 2. I can be at the end of the 8 week fast before a family holiday! (And a treat of a Seahouses Cod and Chips to share!)

t minus 4 days to go

Weight Day -4 TBC kg

Target Weight TBC